About o-calc
o-calc.com provides tools for the Online-Browser-Game OGame

With the tools on this page you can easily perform calculations that can help you in the game. Among them are the costs of all buildings, ships, researches, defense structures and the time that is needed to build them. You also can calculate the time it takes your fleet to arrive at the target with only a few clicks. Furthermore we present you a tool that will calculate how many points you will lose if you abandon a colony. In addition there are some more tools for the calculation of your resource production and the used up resources in your researches and your fleet. We have a small help for graviton research as well.

o-calc originally was created for "Herr Schmidt"s Help page http://tutorial.ogame.de/?newlang=eng. Some time later the english translation was made. With the feedback from all the pages we were able to expand our page and provide a webspace.
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