26 New update
Hi there. just added a new tool to help you build up your economy. Try out the new Amortisation tool!

This will help you to decide which building or plasma technology level is the best for you.

If you have any feedback please write us an email.

Sincere regards,
şu kişiden eklendi marshen 22:01 - 21.11.12
25 4.0
4.0 is about to go live.

The new patch contains various new features including an NPC which sells boosters. You can now find out if those boosters are profitable for you.
You can find the new Import/Export calculator under 'Further Tools' => 'Import/Export'.

The o-calc Team
şu kişiden eklendi marshen 18:33 - 01.05.12
24 Have you ever asked which mine you should build?
Hi there,

if you've ever asked yourself which mine you should build I have the solution for you.
Calculate which mine would be the best for you with the new Amortisation of Mines calculator which you can find under 'Further Tools' => 'Amortisation of Mines'.

If there are any bugs please contact me. Thank you.
şu kişiden eklendi marshen 03:00 - 09.10.10
23 You may want...
... to research your astrophysics faster. If you have some dark matter left from your expeditions you're now able to calculate how fast your research is if you activate the technocrat.
Visit the 'cost'-page to see if it's worth!
şu kişiden eklendi marshen 16:48 - 06.10.10
22 RD anywhere
Hi there,

the game balancing has been canged again. Many people lost points because the cost of the storages has been halved by the game design.
All tools should now use the correct values again.

Regards marshen
şu kişiden eklendi marshen 16:04 - 24.09.10
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