29 Privacy notice
Hello there,

to fulfill the General Data Protection Regulation we now have a privacy notice. We do store a minimal amount of data. What exactly we do store you can now read on the pricay page.

Sadly we also have to announce that we will no longer have any language but english and german on this website. We do know that many of you appreciate that we always tried to make it as easy as possible for you to use this site. For now you will still be able to see your unit, building and research names in your language.

Thanks to all of you who supported us over the years.

Best marshen.
added by marshen 21:52 - 24.05.18
28 Flight times updated for circular galaxies

The Flight Times tool has been updated to reflect recent changes to galaxies.

added by marshen 02:34 - 05.02.16
27 Recycler speed has been increased with 5.7.9
Hi folks.

Recycler speed (as well as consumption) has been changed in a recent update. If you have impulse drive 17 or hyperspace drive 15 or higher they will be much faster (and more expensive in maintenance).

Therefore we just updated Flight Times to reflect those changes.

As always if you have any feedback please write us an email.

Thank you
added by marshen 22:45 - 07.08.14
26 New update
Hi there. just added a new tool to help you build up your economy. Try out the new Amortisation tool!

This will help you to decide which building or plasma technology level is the best for you.

If you have any feedback please write us an email.

Sincere regards,
added by marshen 22:01 - 21.11.12
25 4.0
4.0 is about to go live.

The new patch contains various new features including an NPC which sells boosters. You can now find out if those boosters are profitable for you.
You can find the new Import/Export calculator under 'Further Tools' => 'Import/Export'.

The o-calc Team
added by marshen 18:33 - 01.05.12
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